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NDT Solutions provides state-of-the-art NDI equipment, customization, and services for commercial and government customers. With flawless execution, the engineering team provides our customers confidence in product readiness. The NDT team of Level3's are certified by ASNT and provide qualification training to NAS 410, SNT-TC-1A, and ATA-105. Relentlessly pursuing innovative ideas, everything we bring to market must deliver, without failure. The urgency of our quest is matched by our commitment to the customers we serve.

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What We Do

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) plays an increasingly important role in diverse areas of modern society ranging from aerospace, nuclear power plants to oil and gas transportation. NDT techniques help promote safety, environmental protection,  and economy in production.

The goal of most NDT techniques is to reveal anomalies in a test object without destroying the test specimen. Such inspection can avoid unnecessary damage to the objects and eliminate or minimize the number of catastrophic accidents associated with its use. NDT techniques may also be used for monitoring the growth in the size of defects until they reach a critical level. Thus, the service time of some expensive facilities can be maximized. Another area of NDT application is process control. NDT techniques may be able to provide real time information of the status and the quality of a product during the manufacturing process. The information can be used as a basis for final product sorting or as feed-back for system adjustments.

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