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In-Service Assets Are in Trouble-How Can We Invest in NDT?

Listen to Larry Culbertson on the Chat NDT with ASNT Podcast alongside Anita Gregorian to discuss the challenges facing In-Service Assets.

Things that have been in-service for a while are starting to show their age, and in some cases, failing altogether. Those of us in the nondestructive testing industry know there’s a problem, but how can we make sure our inspectors are ready for it—and how can we make sure other industries, and the public, know how important NDT really is?

In this episode, two of the directors currently serving on ASNT’s Board, Anita Gregorian and Larry Culbertson, Jr., walk us through the challenges facing in-service assets and get us thinking about the next steps. Note: the opinions and statements expressed on this podcast do not necessarily reflect the opinion of ASNT.

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