Specialty Application Couplants


Thermasonic® has been formulated for use where rapid wetting, slow drying,
broad temperature range (0º to 325ºF) and easy water removal are required.
It is environmentally benign, offers excellent corrosion inhibition, resists
running and dripping and has a slow evaporation rate. Ferrous corrosion
inhibition rating of 85.

Part Number & Container Size:

Grade 8
28-901 1 Gal. (Minimum order of 2)

Grade 60
79-901 1 Gal.




High Z®

High Z® provides the highest acoustic impedance of all Sonotech® couplants to reduce surface noise and improve coupling performance on curved, rough, pitted and corroded surfaces. Its environmentally benign formula can be removed with water and it will often facilitate flaw inspection and thickness gauging when no other couplant will function. High Z® is available in two viscosities (low viscosity and high viscosity) with an operating temperature range of 0º to 200º F. Ferrous corrosion inhibition rating of 70.

Part Number & Container Size:

High Z® LV (Low Viscosity)
58-T04 4 oz. Tube

High Z® HV (High Viscosity)
59-T04 4 oz. Tube





Shear Gel® is specially formulated to provide coupling for shear wave
generated by normal incidence (zero degrees) shear wave transducers. It
has an extremely high viscosity and an operation temperature range of 40º
to 90ºF. Ferrous corrosion inhibition rating of 85.

Part Number & Container Size:

54-T04 4 oz. Tube


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